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You’ve got one week…

ImageLet’s Pretend for a minute that you have a flight for Japan that leaves in one week. Flight 743 leaves gate A78 at 8:30 am. You’ve been procrastinating on your Japanese studies for weeks, months, maybe even years. (“I’ll study kanji later, i’m tired” ” i’ll read that Japanese book tomorrow, the two and a half men marathon is on” blah, blah blah) Maybe all this time you’ve been lazy, maybe you’ve been scared,(kinda like myself at times) but there’s no time for that my friend, Flight 743 leaves gate a78 at 8:30 am in one week. The time for whining and procrastinating are over. For when you get to Japan next week, i garantee all that whining and procrastination will pay off. When despite all your “studying”, you can barely speak 10 words, and understand even less kanji. Then imagine how messed up that would be. But my friend, it doesn’t have to be this way. For when you take that trip to Japan next week, you can, no will be the Nihongo master. Let’s rewind back. Let’s say that for a year you’ve had the mindset , that “hey i have a flight to Japan in a week, I’d better get started now!” Then there would be a new found sense of urgency, “a study now, or f*&% up later” mentality. There would be no more time to sleep all day, no more time for two and a half men marathons, etc. There would only be time for Japanese music,books, anime, tv, basically ajatt.     So if every Monday for a year you say this, then by the end of the year, when ( not if, but when, because you are going to Japan.) you take that trip to Japan for real, you’ll be ready. You’ll be reading street signs and newspapers, chatting it up with locals and everything. You will totally pwn Japanese!  But enough of listening to me, your flight to Japan leaves in a week… What are you gonna do about it???                                                                                                                                                           


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