Finally Hit 1800 Kanji!

After years of starting and stopping, and restarting Remembering the Kanji (RTK) I’m finally making some progress again.  So what took so long?Well when i first started rtk in 2004, i was really trying hard to use my “imaginative memory” to form pictures of the kanji in my head, but some of the names Heisig gives the Kanji are kind of abstract,  making it a little difficult to form a picture of them, so i would be stuck for days, weeks or even months trying to find one. Because you see i’m the kind of person that likes to do things “by the book”  so i think that by not trying new methods it really hindered my progress. Then i started reading post at  ajatt.com about  kanji card formats and so i tried different things, and last year i deleted my old deck and started over with the  lazy kanji format . I gotta say i really like it. Not having to stop and think of a picture for every kanji really speeds things up. So every day i have been inputting kanji ( well, not everyday. some days i’m too busy or lazy) and i’ve done more in the span of a year than in the 10 years since i started RTK! Now i just have to power through the last 246 kanji and then i’ll be ready to move on to sentences. You have no idea how hype i am right now! I can’t wait! 


3 comments on “Finally Hit 1800 Kanji!

  1. Good job!

    I’m currently at 1860 with lazy kanji. Going at 4 kanji a day now, and doing all my other stuff simultaneously. Most of these kanji are a little more rare, it seems

  2. Wow impressive! Are you guys starting from the “Lazy Kanji + Mod” deck or making the cards from scratch?

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