Formally apprehensive about speaking

For the longest time, i was sooo afraid of speaking Japanese, for fear of making mistakes, but after seeing Benny Lewis(Fluent in 3 months) horribly stumble through his Japanese,It made me less afraid to speak, and so yesterday after a few years i spoke to someone in Japanese on Skype! I’ve got to say it […]

You’ve got one week…

Let’s Pretend for a minute that you have a flight for Japan that leaves in one week. Flight 743 leaves gate A78 at 8:30 am. You’ve been procrastinating on your Japanese studies for weeks, months, maybe even years. (“I’ll study kanji later, i’m tired” ” i’ll read that Japanese book tomorrow, the two and a […]

My analog srs and the way i use it.

Recently i have been using paper flashcard to learn kanji.  I write them in the heisig format(keyword and story on front,kanji on the back) but i use a lazy kanji/heisig format to study them. The way this works is that i look at the picture first to see if i can remember it, then i turn it […]